Welcome to Tony Miller Custom Handcrafted Knives.  My path to making knives started when my then eleven-year-old son wanted to try making knives.  We  had been playing at hobby blacksmithing for a few months.  We had bought a used anvil and a few hammers and cobbled together a small coal forge.  We joined a blacksmithing club, read a few books, checked out some blacksmithing videos, and searched the internet extensively to learn anything we could about blacksmithing.  When I mentioned forging knives to more experienced blacksmiths in our club, most of them told me that bladesmithing is an advanced skill that  shouldn’t even be attempted for several years.  My son, on the other hand, is a knife fanatic and wanted to try it now!  One day we were working on some  project in the shop and I picked up a steel rod and just decided to try forging out a blade.  It was pretty rough, but better than I expected.  Right then and there, I  was hooked.

I attended the American Bladesmith Society’s “Introduction to Bladesmithing” class in Old Washington, Arkansas and saw drastic improvement in my blades.  Since  then I have also expanded into folding knives and I also make some stock-removal knives.  I am a firm believer in sole authorship and I do all the work on all my  knives myself, including heat treating.  I also make the sheaths for all my fixed-blade knives.

Please take a look around the site.  You’ll find pictures of past knives that I’ve made as well as knives that I currently have for sale.  I also take customer orders.   Just email me and we can work out a design that you’ll be happy to call your own.