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This little necker is 6 inches long overall with a 2 3/4 inch blade made of O1 and heat treated by me. The handle scales are abalone shell (laminated shell
 veneer). This is real abalone shell that is encased between black acrylic below and clear acrylic above. This is the first time I have used this material and it
worked surprisingly well. The clear acrylic coating makes for a fantastic shine. The bolsters are black paper micarta and all pins are stainless steel. The sheath
is black kydex.

This is a big knife, but surprisingly light and fast.  The blade is 7 inches long and it is 12 inches long overall.  The O1 blade sports a dropped choil.  The
handle is stabilized curly maple with brown liners and features mosaic pins and a lanyard hole.  It comes with a hand-tooled brown leather sheath.

This little hunter has a 3 3/4 inch long 1080 blade.  The overall length is 8 1/2 inches.  The handle is a unique green and red spalted box elder burl with
stainless steel pins and lanyard hole.  The hand-tooled brown sheath is made of 8-9 ounce leather.

This modified wharncliff is 7 inches long with a 3 inch blade made of O1 steel.  The handle scales are camel bone dyed blue and feature mosaic pins.  The
leather sheath is tooled with a basket weave pattern. 

This is a simple, comfortable and useable hunter.  At 9 inches overall, with a 4 inch O1 steel blade, it is a comfortable and useful size for hunting or everyday utility
use.  The black canvas micarta handle provides an excellent grip even when wet and it is set off with blue liners.  The black leather sheath has a hand-tooled

This utility knife is 8 inches long with a 3 1/2 inch wharncliff blade made of 1080 steel.  This is a very practical blade design that allows full use of the entire
cutting edge.  The handles are a highly polished black G10 with blue liners and stainless steel pins and lanyard hole.  The black leather sheath has a hand-tooled

Here is a simple but tough and functional hunter.  The 5 inch blade is made of O1 steel and is 3/16 inch thick at the ricasso.  It tapers toward the point and
along the tang to keep the weight down and provide an excellent balance.  The handle is brown canvas micarta.  This knife comes with a hand-tooled
leather sheath in a two-toned brown color.

Here is a group of neck knives.  The blades are all of O1 steel.  Each is 6 inches long with a 2 1/2 inch blade.  The handle on the top one is stabilized
buckeye burl, the middle one is tan G10 with a black liner, and the bottom is ivory micarta.  The sheaths are of black kydex and are designed to be worn
around the neck comfortably.